Muhammad Ali
Louisville airport to be named after boxing legend Muhammad Ali

The city of Louisville is renaming the airport in the honour of world-renowned boxer Muhammad Ali. The new name will be Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport.

The city officials announced the change on 17th January, the 77th birth anniversary of the legendary boxer.

“Muhammad Ali belonged to the world, but he only had one hometown, and fortunately, that is our great city of Louisville,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “Muhammad became one of the most well-known people to ever walk the Earth and has left a legacy of humanitarianism and athleticism that has inspired millions of people.

“It is important that we, as a city, further champion The Champ’s legacy,” Fischer continued. “And the airport renaming is a wonderful next step.”

Ali was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, where he started his boxing career at the age of 12.

Louisville native, Muhammad Ali is considered to be the greatest heavyweight boxer in the history of the sport. He fought some of the baddest men on the planet. “The Greatest” fought 61 fights in his lifetime and won 56 of them, remaining largely unbeatable.

He died in 2016, at the age of 74 after a long battle with Parkinson’s Syndrome.