Malaysian cricket officials are pleased with security conditions in Pakistan

Malaysian cricket officials are pleased with security conditions in Pakistan
Shukriya Pakistan

Malaysia’s national team just toured Pakistan and the officials seemed extremely pleased with the security conditions of the country. In fact they are looking forward to tour Pakistan again in April.

“Pakistan is an ideal country for staging top cricket events and as far as security is concerned it was perfectly alright and we enjoyed playing cricket here,” manager Shankar Retinam and coach Bilal Asad told APP as the team prepared for departure after a ten-day tour to Lahore.

NCA Youth XI won the ODI series against Malaysian team by 3-0, however, they were jolted with a defeat in the first of the two T20 games. The two-match T20 series was leveled at 1-1.

“Things are quite good for international cricket [in Pakistan]. Our tour ended without any hiccups and we do not see any problem here as far as security is concerned,” he said.

The Malaysian team manager hailed the role of Pakistan cricket and the world class player that they have produced throughout the years.

“It is unfortunate that international cricket is not being played in Pakistan and it is in the larger interest of the game that international cricket should resume here as early as possible,” he said. “If there will be no international cricket in the country, there will be less opportunities for the young players to learn and to compete with top players of world cricket in their own backyard.”

The head coach of the team, Bilal Asad, a former first-class cricketer supported the opinion of team’s manager and expressed satisfaction with security conditions in Pakistan.

“Things are perfect here for staging and playing international cricket,” he said. “Before the start of the tour, we heard similar propaganda on security but we did not listen to it and finalised our tour to Pakistan for learning and betterment of our team keeping an eye on its future commitments.”