Malik Riaz rewards Waseem for becoming the silver flyweight champion

Shukriya Pakistan

Malik Riaz, the Pakistan’s real estate tycoon has announced a reward worth of Rs. 1 million to Muhammad Waseem, for conquering the World Boxing Council Silver flyweight title.

Waseem, who hails from Quetta, is the only pro boxer from Pakistan, won the WBC Silver flyweight title after defeating a much more experienced opponent, Jereth Olivia of Philippines, who had 31 fights to his name in contrast of Waseem’s 3 fights.

Mohammad Waseem, who has the nickname of ‘Falcon’ in the pro boxing fraternity, had the perfect record of knockout as he defeated his all three opponents in the pro boxing with knockouts, the 28-year Pakistani boxer dominated his opponent throughout the bout, but, couldn’t KO him. He won the fight with a unanimous decision.

Malik Riaz said while announcing the prize for  Waseem that he will bring much more glory to Pakistan.

Mohammad Waseem switched to professional boxing last year after having some rifts with the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) on having a negligent attitude towards boxers.

The young boxing sensation of Pakistan, who is ranked at fourth in the professional boxing ranking, is now eyeing the WBC title and he has promised his fans that there is much more to come.

Waseem is hoping that his win will make the situation favourable for boxers in Pakistan and he is glad that he has become an example to follow now.