Manchester test 2014 was ‘fixed’


New Delhi: In India besides other sports match-fixing in cricket is not hidden from any one, many a times lot of suspicion has been expressed on this issue but now the Indian cricket team officials themselves have started exposing ‘cricket-corruption’ taking place in their country.

Former Indian cricket team manager Sunil Dev in an interview claimed that India-England test played at Manchester in 2014 was fixed. This match was 4th of the series played between both the teams, Sunil Dev was then the Indian team manager and MS Dhoni the captain.

Sunil Dev said, we decided in the team meeting watching the weather condition to bowl first but I was surprised when Dhoni won the toss and decided to bat first. He said this decision not only made me but former skipper Geoffery Boycott suspicious and I was certain after watching Dhoni’s decision that he is fully involved in match-fixing.


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