Mani talks about bringing PSL to Pakistan in three years

Mani talks about bringing PSL to Pakistan in three years

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani said on Thursday that he is aiming to bring Pakistan Super League (PSL) to Pakistan in the next three years.

“We are gradually trying to increase the number of PSL matches that take place in Pakistan and will try to bring the entire event to home soil within the next three years,” Mani said while talking to a leading newspaper.

Talking about reforms in PCB, he talked about bringing professionalism within the board.

“My objective is to bring institutional professionalism within the PCB so that in the future, even if there is a change of chairman, the board follows the right direction,” he said. “Best practice, corporate governance, accountability and transparency will be core values of the board.”

He said that the board has lacked professionalism in the past instead, there was no check and balance. Moreover, he told that people worked within their comfort zone rather than going extra miles.

“In the past there has been lack of professionalism and check and balances which has led to poor decision making but now we will ensure that a proper system is in place so that no one exceeds their authority,” he said.

“I’m currently observing the people who are working with the PCB by looking at their strengths and weaknesses and once I’m done with that I will ensure that the board is fit for purpose. I’m not the kind of person who works in accordance with his comfort zone as my primary focus is on a professional approach,” he added.

Ehsan Mani, who replaced Najam Sethi as PCB chairman, showed complete confidence on Champions Trophy-winning skipper Sarfraz Ahmed, despite Asia Cup’s flop show.

“I want to make it clear that I have full confidence in Sarfraz Ahmed as captain of the side. The team has delivered under his leadership and the Champions Trophy victory is a glaring example in that regard,” he said.

He echoed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of reducing the number of teams in domestic cricket to increase the standard of the game.

“I agree with Imran Khan because there are way too many teams playing domestic first-class and non-first-class cricket. There is too much quantity while very little quality due to this issue,” he said. “I can’t share my plans right now but let me assure you that in the future there will be fewer teams participating in domestic cricket.”