Manizeh Zainli steps down as PFF General Secretary


Karachi: The Pakistan Football Federation today confirmed that General Secretary Ms. Manizeh Zainli has decided to step down from her post.

PFF in its statement thanked Manizeh for the services she has made for the development of football in the country during her tenure.

“I am stepping down as the PFF General Secretary willfully, despite several requests by the PFF Normalisation Committee Chairman Mr. Muneer Ahmed Khan Sadhana and other colleagues,” said Ms. Zainli.

“I’m grateful to the whole football fraternity of Pakistan for supporting me with our collective goal to improve the footballing system in the country and I hope my struggles have created a new paradigm for women all around who are struggling in professions dominated by men,” she added.

However, Manizeh has accepted to work till mid-January to ensure a smooth transition of work to the new PFF Normalisation Committee Chairman Muneer Ahmed Sadhana.

Note, Manizeh Zainli was reinstated to her post as the secretary-general of the PFF Normalisation Committee last week as she was removed from the post by former PFF NC Chairman Hamza Khan.

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