Manohar steps down as ICC chairman

Manohar steps down as ICC chairman
Shukriya Pakistan

International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman Shashank Manohar has resigned from the post after eight months of getting elected unanimously, citing ‘personal reasons’ .

Manohar was the first independent chairman of the ICC , he was not associated with any country’s governing body.

The 59-year old was against the Big 3 structure and opposed it openly.

Indian Express published a letter of Manohar where he was communicating ICC chief executive David Richardson that he cannot hold the post anymore and he has worked his heart out as the ICC chairman.

“I have tried to do my best and have tried to be fair and impartial in deciding matters in the functioning of the Board and in matters related to Member Boards along with the able support of all Directors.

“However, for personal reasons it is not possible for me to hold the august office of ICC Chairman and hence I am tendering my resignation as Chairman with immediate effect. I take this opportunity to thank all the Directors, the Management and staff of ICC for supporting me wholeheartedly. I wish ICC all the very best and hope it achieves greater heights in future.”