Many heartbreaks expected in PSL final ticket sale

Many heartbreaks expected in PSL final ticket sale

Pakistan Super League trophy will be taken to Karachi before the March 25 final, Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Najam Sethi announced on Saturday, as the organizers of the ticket sale for the final in Karachi hoped fans will buy tickets online and those missed out heartbroken fans will realize the process.

“The trophy of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), coveted trophy back to Karachi and the ticket sale will start soon,” said Najam Sethi.

TCS director marketing Naiyer Saifi promised an error-free ticket sale system.

“The system is error free and I can tell you that there is an immense pressure for the tickets,” said Saifi. “We have done everything in our power in selling tickets. We expect that these tickets will run out quickly. You can buy five tickets on a single national ID.

“We are opening as many express centres as possible but our request is that there would be some people who will end up in not getting tickets so we need support. A lot of people will be heartbroken so they have to bear with us.”

The National stadium has gone under renovation and will be ready for the final, said Sethi.

Sethi also said security experts will tour Karachi again to clear the venues for West Indies series.

“Reg Dickason and his men will be here during PSL final and we have contracted them to oversee the West Indies games as well. Their expert will stay back for seven days at our expense and conduct the security for West Indies series and this is part of our agreement with West Indies board.

“This will be a one-off series why because I told you earlier that this probably will be a loss-making enterprise. The ideas weren’t to make or losing money as it was meant to bring cricket back so this is the step in that direction.”

Sethi said there are talks on a tri-series in the USA, for a period of five years.

“We have a separate agreement with the West Indies in which we are exploring a
tri-lateral series including Pak, WI and one other country possibly Bangladesh but it can be some other country which will be played in the USA in next five years.

“The details about the venues, dates, financial model will be discussed later but in principle, it has decided that three of us will play in the USA.”