Mark Coles wants some time to get things onto the right track

Mark Coles wants some time to get things onto the right track

KARACHI: Pakistan Women cricket team coach, Mark Coles said that Pakistan’s Women cricket team will take some time to compete strongly against World’s top class teams.

Mark, while talking to the ARY News during the final match of Departmental T20 Women’s Cricket Championship 2018, said that no one can change the things overnight; all you can do is to keep on hard working.

“Women cricketers in Pakistan are so much passionate and sincere towards the game and that’s the reason behind their improved performance in the last couple of months,” Mark said.

Pakistan women defeated Sri Lanka women 3-0 in ODI series and 2-1 in T-20 series in March.

Mark applauded the efforts of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in promoting Women’s cricket in the country. He said that the board is investing a lot to improve its status which in future can be fruitful for them.

On the same time, he said that there are still some more things that need to be tended as soon as possible.

He said that the PCB needs to work on the Domestic circuit to flourish this particular sport for Women in the country.

“There must be some more Domestic Tournaments on regular intervals to further improvise Women’s cricket,”

Mark who belongs to New Zealand, said that “Pakistan have more talented Women cricketers as compare to New Zealand”

On the question of having the league for Women cricketers similar to the PSL, he said that it will be too earlier to organize such league, as before that the board should have to look into other most important matters that include the Domestic circuit.

“This is not the correct time to do such things as first we need to bring ourselves into a strong position at International level,

“There is a need to build strong foundation rather than rushing in to get things before time.”