Martial Artist Rashid Naseem completes 50 Guinness World Records for Pakistan


Karachi: Martial Artist Rashid Naseem got three more attempts approved by the Guinness World Records which took his records tally to 51. 

The new entries to his record belt are the Fastest time to unscrew 10 bottle caps with a nunchaku (17.82s), Most playing cards removed between two balanced bottles with a nunchaku in one minute (12) and Most consecutive bottle caps unscrewed with a kick (29).

With achieving three more records, Naseem has accomplished his dream to bag 50 records for his country. “The biggest dream of my life has come true. I have worked really hard to make it happen,” the martial artist said in a statement.

“Today my record tally has reached 51 and my academy’s record tally to 65. This all I have done without any support from the government,” he added.

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