Match officials announced for National T20 Cup


Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced match officials for the upcoming National T20 Cup, scheduled to start from September 30.

From the PCB Elite Panel of Match Officials, the six-match referees and 14 umpires will officiate in the First XI matches, before the action moves to Rawalpindi where the second round and knock-out games will be played from 9-18 October.

According to the PCB press release, all elite umpires and match officials are expected to get a minimum of nine and five matches, respectively.

Faisal Khan Afridi and Zameer Haider will perform on-field duties in the National T20 Cup opener between Northern and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Iqbal Sheikh will serve as a match referee. Qaiser Waheed and Aftab Gillani will be the third and fourth umpires, respectively.

Ahsan Raza and Asif Yaqoob will be the umpires of 18 October final. Prof. Mohammad Javed Malik will be the match referee. Rashid Riaz will be in the third umpire’s box and Shozab Raza will perform fourth umpire’s duties

Six-member PCB Elite Panel of Match Referees

Ali Naqvi (Lahore), Iftikhar Ahmed (Karachi), Muhammad Anees (Lahore), Muhammad Iqbal Sheikh (Hyderabad), Nadeem Arshad (Faisalabad) and Prof. Mohammad Javed Malik (Multan).

The 14-member PCB Elite Panel of Umpires:

Ahsan Raza (Lahore), Aftab Hussain Gillani (Bahawalpur), Asif Yaqoob (Islamabad), Faisal Khan Afridi (Sargodha), Ghaffar Kazmi (Lahore), Imran Javed (Karachi), Nasir Hussain Snr (Lahore), Qaiser Waheed (Lahore), Rashid Riaz Waqar (Lahore), Saqib Khan (Abbottabad), Shozab Raza (Lahore), Syed Imtiaz Iqbal (Karachi), Waleed Yaqub (Lahore) and Zameer Haider (Lahore).

According to Bilal Qureshi, Manager, Umpires and Referees, match referees and umpires from the PCB Supplementary Panel of Match Referees and the PCB Supplementary Panel of Umpires will officiate the National T20 Cup Second XI matches, which will be played from 1-8 October at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

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