MCC Cricket Committee proposes limit to bat size


The MCC World Cricket Academy has proposed the idea of limiting the size of bats without exploiting or breaking any law of cricket.

The committee suggested that the thickness and depth of the bats must be restricted as the balance has been inclined towards batsmen due to the big bulky bats they use, further discussion will take place on the weights of the bats as well.

The committee do not want to disappoint cricket fans by taking away the pleasure of seeing countless boundaries hit these days, however, the chairman of the committee, Mike Brearly clarified that they want to put a barrier for the mis-timed boundaries that batsmen enjoy in recent times.

Brearly said, “The time has come to restrict the size of bat edges and the overall width [depth] of bats,” he added, “It was pointed out to us that, in 1905, the width of bats was 16mm and that, by 1980, it had increased to 18mm. It is now an average, in professional cricket, of 35-40mm and sometimes up to 60mm. That shows how fast the change has been.”

Rod Marsh also backed the committee chairman, The one thing we don’t want to see is batsmen unable to hit fours and sixes,” he went on to say, “That’s so far from what will happen. We just don’t want to see the bat sizes get bigger. But when you see a guy try to hit the ball through midwicket and it flies for six over cover, you know something is wrong.”

However, the committee wasn’t on the same page as Pakistan’s former opener, Ramiz Raja didn’t appreciated the idea of restricting the bat size.

A statement revealed that not all the members of committee, but, the majority of it, is supporting laws to restrict bat size.

“The overwhelming (but not unanimous) view of the committee was that it has become too easy for batsmen to clear the boundary in all forms of cricket, even with mis-timed shots,” a statement read.

“Furthermore, it was felt that there is a clear safety concern for close fielders, bowlers and umpires, whilst the recreational game is also suffering, as balls are flying into nearby residential properties with increasing frequency, thus threatening the existence of some smaller cricket clubs.”

“The committee agrees with ICC’s cricket committee that, beyond the limits that have long been in place regarding the width and length of a cricket bat, further limitations to the edge, depth and possibly to the weight should now be introduced. One proposal would be for the maximum thickness of the edge to be between 35mm and 40mm, and the overall depth of the bat to be between 60mm and 65mm (some bats in current use have edges of 55mm and can be up to 80mm deep).”

If things go well, there is a fair possibility that an amended law could be approved by the MCC’s main committee as new Code of Laws scheduled to be revealed on October 1, 2017.