MCC launches ‘Laws of Cricket’ app


Lord’s: The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has launched it’s cricket app covering the laws of cricket which can be easily downloaded for free on Android and Apple devices.

The app covers each and every law of cricket which are 42 in number and also included a laws quiz to test your knowledge. It is divided into eight categories which includes careful explanation of how to setup a game, appeals and modes of dismissals. The app provides the added option of sharing your scores on social media and compete with others.

“This app is the perfect introduction to the game for a new supporter. As Guardians of the Laws and Spirit of Cricket, it is vital that MCC embraces the new audiences that the sport has gained in recent years and makes the Laws of the game even more accessible.” said MCC Chief Executive Derek Brewer.

“It is another example of MCC’s commitment to investing in digital – an area in which the club strives to remain ahead of the curve within cricket.”Brewer added.


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