MCL franchises yet to make full payments to players


Its been around three months since the Masters Champions League (MCL) concluded in the UAE, but, the franchises have not made full payments to the players.

Gemini Arabians, who won the first edition of the franchise cricket league that featured veteran cricketers, are the only ones who have made the complete payments to their players.

The executive chairman of Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA), Tony Irish stated in a statement on Thursday, “A significant number of players who played in the MCL have not been paid their contractual entitlements.”

“As far as we are aware only one team, the Gemini Arabians has been paid in full and on time. We understand it is a new event, however, the event finished more than three months ago, and the situation is entirely unacceptable.

“If it is possible for the Gemini Arabians to do things the right way and to honour commitments to players, we don’t see why the organisers have not ensured the same has happened for all players. They have an obligation to do so.”

The issue is not a new one as some of the captains in the tournament refused to get on the field due non-payments, at that time the organizers of the MCL stepped in and made partial payments that convinced those players to continue play in the league.

The payment method was to make payment in installments through the season. Masters Champions League proved to be a flop as it was overshadowed by the blockbuster hit, Pakistan Super League, which was also played in the UAE during the same time period.

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