Messi has abandoned us, says Brazilian Ronaldo


Brazilian legendary footballer Ronaldo wants his fellow South American forward to take back his international retirement and once again play for Argentina.

Messi, currently aged 29, lost his third major final with Argentina last Sunday when Chile won the Copa America Centenario final on penalties and Messi missed the first and crucial penalty of the shoot-out.

“It is an extremely personal choice for Messi and we have to respect,” Ronaldo told China’s official Xinhua news agency.

Ronaldo felt abandoned by Messi and hoped that he sees him playing for Argentina once again rather than giving up in such a fashion.

“We all feel abandoned by Messi and hope he can change his decision.”

Earlier Argentinian president and football great Diego Maradona have also urged Messi to take back his retirement and it remains to be seen whether he does go back on his decision or not.

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