Messi never cheats says former teammate Xavi


Former FC Barcelona player Xavi has insisted that his former teammate and a football great Lionel Messi nevers cheats and all the accusations hurled at him are not true.

While talking to beIn SPORTS the central midfielder said that Messi was wrongly accused for play acting which resulted in Atletico Madrid player Filipe Luis being send off during the la liga match between these two side. Xavi added that Messi is an honest player and respects his opponents. The Brazilian defender Luis claimed that the Argentinian player gets special treatment from the referees and this was another instance of such a thing. It must be noted that on numerous occasions the Catalan side has been accused of getting preferential treatment from the match officials.

“Messi is a good person,” Xavi told beIN SPORTS. “He is always nice, he is honest and he does not cheat.

“He has never disrespected anyone on the pitch. His behaviour is exemplary.

“He is a humble guy, who is very professional and hates to lose.

“He is the best player in the world in all aspects. I told him to get more involved and he now does it naturally.

“He is addicted to the ball. He is sad when he cannot play.”


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