Messi wins libel case and donates the damages to charity


Lionel Messi has been awarded around €65,000 as damages in a defamation action and the star Barcelona striker has donated the amount in charity.

The case was taken after a journalist from Madrid wrote an article in La Razon degrading Lionel Messi after Argentina lost to Germany in World Cup 2014 final citing Messi’s hormone treatment that he received in the childhood.

The journalist called him “Nandrolono”. Messi left his native city of Rosario to join Barcelona when he was only 13 years old.

Messi needed to grow sufficiently to become a professional footballer, for that he received a hormonal treatment that cost $900 per month.

The treatment was completely legitimate as the star footballer never failed a dope test in his career.

The Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona court released the verdict in favor of Messi and believed that the article was beyond a personal opinion and was defamatory, thus, the court ordered La Razon, its editor Francisco Marhuenda and Alfonso Ussia (the author) to pay €64,590.79 to Messi.

The decree said that the views in the article are, “unnecessary and impertinent for the exposition of the ideas or opinions that the journalist attempts to transmit in the article, and are objectively insulting and offensive bearing in mind the dimension of the player’s public image and the pluralism, tolerance and open spirit that should reign in a modern society.”

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