Mesut Ozil’s play making can yield 30 goals- Per Mertesacker


Per Mertesacker, Ozil’s Arsenal and Germany teammate, believes that the attacking mid fielder Mesut Ozil is worth 30 goals a year because of the nature of his play and the amount if chances he creates on the field during a match.

A few days back the German player was also shortlisted for the PFA player of the year award which is an example of his skillful display and play making. Ozil has scored 8 goals this season and has also provided 19 assist for the Arsenal side in all competitions this season.

“I felt that when he was fit, he would be at his best — that was my prediction,” Mertesacker told Arsenal Player (quotes via

“I hoped that he would stay fit so we would get the best out of him, that was just my simple idea. You could feel he would help us win games.

“He is [progressing], especially in the final third. We try to give him the ball to make the final decision or make the final ball because we know that is where he is at his best.

“When he fulfils his potential, he has 20-plus assists in him and has even got the ability of scoring 10-plus goals. When he can be difference between 30-plus points, it is vital for the team.

“I think he realises he can now grow here, even in a foreign country. He gets the respect now and it is going to be even tougher for him. Everyone tries to block his left foot because he is so dangerous with it.

“Now he needs to find different spots and positions where he can find solutions but I’m convinced he can take this challenge to be at his best and the player we need him to be.”