Miandad believes there is no replacement for Misbah

Miandad believes there is no replacement for Misbah
Javed Miandad

Pakistan’s batting great, Javed Miandad has criticized country’s domestic structure for not being able to find a suitable replacement for Misbah Ul Haq.

The 42-year old Test skipper of Pakistan has been heavily criticized for his poor batting form and below par captaincy during the series against Australia.

“The problem is we don’t have anyone to replace Misbah,” Miandad told The Associated Press on Saturday. “This shows how weak our cricketing structure is.”

Former Pakistan’s captain told that the board did not think about the future and did not come up with any suitable strategy.

“Everywhere in the world there’s a system in place and players come and go, but unfortunately we didn’t adopt any such system,” Miandad said.

“Why are we now asking Misbah to leave? Have we prepared any replacement for him?” questioned Miandad. “Unfortunately the answer is no and now it’s entirely up to Misbah to decide himself when he wants to quit,” answers the man himself.

“Misbah knows it very well that there’s nobody who could lead the test side and that’s why he has not yet made up his mind,” the legend further added.

The 59-year old said that Pakistani players are not good enough to beat Australia in their backyard.

“I am sorry to say but we don’t have players of such caliber,” Miandad said. “Playing aggressive cricket is the key to success in Australia and we were too defensive in our approach in batting, bowling and fielding.”