Miandad wants local head coach, backs Wasim Akram for the role

Miandad wants local head coach, backs Wasim Akram for the role

Pakistan’s living legend, Javed Miandad has suggested Wasim Akram’s name for the position of the cricket team’s head coach as the whole world is making use of his expertise.

The contract of current head coach Mickey Arthur expired with the conclusion of World Cup and the board is weighing the idea of either hiring a new coach or giving the South African an extension to work with the team.

“Look the world is availing expertise of Wasim Akram and our other players as they tell their players practically through demonstrations how to remove faults and improve performance. Their tips are doing wonders. So, if other nations are availing their expertise why can’t we ourselves benefit from our former greats cricketers?” Miandad asked.

The batting maestro has the view that you hire foreign coaches when you do not have experts in your own country, which is not the case with Pakistan. Moreover, he believes at the national level, Pakistan need a coach whose training style is more physical rather than digital.

“You may hire coaches at the district level. These coaches may use laptops or other digital coaching methodologies for the strength and conditioning of our upcoming players. But at the highest level we need someone, who can train them on the ground and remove their weaknesses,” he said.

“The ground reality is that majority of our players have rural background. They come from villages and rural towns where they still don’t have access to computers or laptops. Their upbringing as professionals has not been done like that. Now, if you will try to train them that way, they will not be able to adapt to the change,” he added.

The World Cup 1992 hero suggested hiring foreign district level so that the players can be groomed at the grassroot level.

“The digital coaching has worked a lot in foreign countries. But there is a hell of difference between their systems and that of ours. That is why I say we need trainers at the senior level and not the coaches,” he said. “If you feel their appointment is imperative then send them to the cricket academies. Don’t make your own greats players to work under them at the highest level.”

Moreover, the former captain supported Sarfraz Ahmed for the role of skipper as he is now ready to lead Pakistan more effectively now.

“I believe Sarfraz has learnt a lot as captain. Now when he is fully trained to lead the national side for important future assignments it will not be a wise to change him,” he said.