Miandad reacts to Amir’s recall


Karachi: Former captain Javed Miandad forcefully  reacts to  the attempts being made for pacer Muhammad Amir’s inclusion in the team who was found guilty in spot fixing.  He said recalling  an accused player in the team will damage  the country’s image.

After all   what message are we trying to put through to the world?, Miandad said,  If we don’t take a firm stand now then every player would do the same, he would take the punishment for granted and return to play  after completing his term. The former captain said giving  chance to an accused player is to jeopardize the sentiments of 180 million people of Pakistan. Even If Amir  succeeds in joining the squad what happens if he is refused  a visa from the touring country, won’t that bring a bad name to the nation and country worldwide.


PCB’s former Director General said, we are sending an extremely wrong message throughout the world regarding Amir. I am not against the pacer, he committed a mistake and got punished but now Amir should stay away from cricket.

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