Mickey Arthur wants his boys to keep up the high-level fitness culture

Britain Cricket - Pakistan Nets - Edgbaston - 1/8/16 Pakistan's Head Coach Mickey Arthur during nets Action Images via Reuters / Paul Childs Livepic EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

Pakistan cricket team’s Head Coach, Mickey Arthur wants his boys to keep up the high-level fitness culture in the team even after his departure as the Coach.

The tough task maker, Arthur is keen that the team has some strong potential to beat World’s stronger sides but their fitness is really important and without sustaining a certain fitness level he won’t let any player be a part of the team, regardless of who he is.

“I and my coaching staff has made some extraordinary efforts to make these boys capable to show some outstanding work on the field,” Arthur said while talking to a renowned cricketing website.

He said that the cricket in the World has become so fast and a strong cricketer is the one who doesn’t give up in the field.

According to him, the team was in a pathetic position– as far as fielding department was concerned, when he took charge so the first assignment for him was to make them strong in the fielding department.

He talked about his first tour with Pakistan team to Australia where plenty of fielding flaws by the men in green put him in serious concerns.

“I saw them struggling a lot in the field, no one was up to the mark or even not able to impress me for a while, it made me quite uncomfortable,”

Arthur said thereafter he and his support staff decided not to deal the boys with leniency and to make them work tirelessly to accomplish the set fitness goals.

“The performance of the team against Australia made me quite unhappy hence immediately I planned some strict policies and without thinking once again, decided to deploy that all as soon as possible,”

He, on the other hand, said that they are in a much better position now but there is a need to keep on working hard onwards.

“If we can sustain this for another couple of years, it means then that it will become a part of the players’ training and obviously this routine will be inherited to the coming generation from these young kids. So I hope when this coaching group leaves, people will remember us for revolutionizing the fielding standards of Pakistan cricket team, and this is what we still have to work for,”

He was quick to add that it was a collective effort of the whole coaching staff who made it possible for him to take his vision further.

“I think it is not only me but the other coaching staff members too who came with me on one page to set the strong fitness and fielding culture in the team,”

Arthur also praised the services of Pakistan’s Ex fielding coach, Steve Rixon who worked day in and day out to help him increasing players’ stamina.

“Talking about Pakistani players’ fitness and not highlighting Rixon’s efforts in it would be unfair with my mate,
“Rixon was too much concerned on and off the field and literally he developed the positive thinking in one’s mind to approach high-fitness level by their selves,”

He added that Rixon watched each game closely and wherever something happened wrong or something he felt is missing then the players would be out the next day, working on that missing thing to make it correct in coming games.

It is pertinent to mention here that, Steve Rixon had stepped down as fielding coach of Pakistan team after two T-20 matches against Scotland back in June