Mickey Arthur praises Pakistani cricketers

Shukriya Pakistan

Pakistan’s head coach, Mickey Arthur praised Pakistani cricketers after the successful run against West Indies and said that they are a wonderful bunch of boys and are great cricketers as well.

Arthur talked to Pak Passion and said, “I am starting to build really good relationships with the players. They are a wonderful bunch of guys and very talented cricketers as well.”

He shared building up relationship with players and being honest with them.

“We are starting to build a good relationship with each other but that doesn’t mean I am soft or tough in anyway; I just call it as I see it. I am honest with them and that is how I feel you develop good relationships. I don’t like to sugar coat anything, I will tell the players exactly as it is and how I see it.

“These Pakistani cricketers work very hard and they are wonderful and really good cricketers and I am developing a close bond with them. It’s all about trust. When you start off, you feel each other out and get to know where the boundaries are and you see which buttons you can push and what you can’t. I think we have got through that stage and have started to develop some seriously good relationships now.”

He hailed the character of Pakistani cricketers and told that he is trying to bring them to a comfort zone where they can share anything with the coach.

“There is absolutely nothing difficult at all in working with Pakistan cricketers. I just feel that it’s all about being brutally and totally honest with them.

“As I have always said that wherever I have worked before, I have encouraged the players to talk to me about anything and not just cricket. Once we are down to that level of relationship, then you know that you have become that mentor type of person to the players. I believe I am at that level now and I have good relationships with the players now and that is pretty heartening for me.”

Mickey Arthur further called Pakistani cricketers as humble and soft. He advised them to believe on their abilities.

“I think they have just got to believe that they are as good as they actually are. One thing that I have noticed is that the Pakistan boys are very humble and soft individuals,” he said.

He also urged players to toughen up themselves, “I guess, I have come from a pretty tough school where the soft get eaten a lot and I am pretty keen to see them toughen up a little and give back what they get and stand their ground which they are doing now.”