Mini IPL to take place in September


Anurag Thakur announced on Friday that the BCCI will host a trimmed version of the IPL overseas starting from this year, calling it “Mini IPL or “IPL Overseas”.

Thakur said after holding a meeting in Dharamshala, , “In the month of September, the BCCI is willing to host a mini IPL or IPL overseas,” he added, “[It will be] a shorter format, not home and away matches but a lesser number of matches; in a two-week window we will be able to complete it.”

Thakur stated that it will be a tough job to hold the tournament in such a small span of hardly two weeks, “It is a tight schedule. It is in a less than two-week window we have to organise [the tournament]. And we have to look into various details: which country we can play in, how many teams, how many players should participate, who will be the broadcaster – all these issues need to deliberated, but we are keen to play in that window.”

Broadcasting rights is another issue. Currently, Sony holds the broadcasting rights of Indian Premier League, whereas Star TV has the rights of all Indian home series and may get the hands on mini IPL as well, “More details can be shared once we speak to the various stakeholders,” Thakur said. “We’ll speak to the franchises, to the broadcaster, and look at the revenue model before finalising the dates and the format.”

Although the IPL organizers coined USA and UAE as two possible venues for the miniature version of the glittering league, however, Thakur has said that they will weigh different options for possible venue, “There are many options, many countries host the IPL. So there will be a process to look at the various time zones available, various markets available, which could be the best partner country, whether every year it should be hosted in that country or the countries can be changed.”

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