Miracles should not be expected instantly under Arthur, says Aaqib Javed


Former Pakistan fast bowler Aaqib Javed has said that the Pakistan cricket team is currently ‘all over the place’ and although South African Mickey Arthur is a quality coach but that does not mean miracles will happen instantly which is why patience is required from both the board and the nation as a whole.

Aaqib added Sri Lanka went through a terrible phase when Mahela and Sanga left and he is worried about the Pakistan batting when Misbah and Younis finally call it a day.

“At the moment they are all over the place,” Javed told Sport360. “I am worried when Misbah and Younis go, what will happen to their batting? We have seen the Sri Lankans struggling after losing two great players [Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara].

“The challenge can’t be solved in six months or one year.”


Aaqib Javed also criticized the lack of a top national academy because without it Pakistan’s cricket will not move forward. He stressed on it’s importance by stating that without a proper academy the raw talent can not a be nurtured and trained properly for international cricket.

“Nobody actually realised the development Pakistan stopped and that is now hurting them right now. They used to have the best academy system back in Pakistan which they stopped in 2010,” said Javed, who represented his country 22 times in Tests and 163 ODIs.

“All these players are from this system and once you produce players from the system you can last on that group of players for four or five years. All of a sudden when you stop your development plans you have no more players coming up from your system.

“So now Pakistan has to wait at least two years and they should realise that they should not expect any miracle from Mickey Arthur or somebody else. It’s not about people, it’s not about personalities – it’s about the system.”

Javed also appreciated Arthur’s appointment because he considers him as a very technical guy who has the experience of working with top ranked sides and this will be beneficial for Pakistan cricket team. He added that the tour of England will be a major assignment for Arthur and it will be a tough ask for him and the team to get through the tour successfully because they do tend to struggle in England whenever they play in English conditions.

“I think [Arthur] has great experience working with two international teams and working with a high performance centre,” Javed added. “He is a technical and a team coach as well so I think he must be very experienced and working with Asian players he must have an idea of working with different people. I can’t find any problem because he has the experience and I think he’ll do well.

“The coming two series are really tough in England and Australia. Within six months, the two toughest series. I think everybody should understand this is a time to support Pakistan cricket, not to criticise Mickey Arthur or others. I think the coming two or three years will be exciting for Pakistan cricket, but short-term I can’t see any recent repair.

“I wish them all the best because I’m still learning. One day I will be the coach and I have some special plans for Pakistan cricket. Sooner or later I will achieve that and not only to serve as a coach but also achieve my goals through that opportunity.”

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