Misbah should delay taking retirement says Rameez


Sharjah: The former captain Rameez Raja says it would be pretty difficult for Pakistan to play under a new captain while touring England next year. Misbah ul Haq should delay his retirement for the sake of his team.

Rameez in an interview to PCB said , nobody is to play cricket forever, a day comes when one has to retire. Pakistan will also have to move ahead without Misbah, the test captain himself understands where he stands today and how confident he is in facing seam bowlers and bouncy wickets and how well can he perform during his England tour next year as he will be facing similar situations.

Rameez said I will advise Misbah to carry his present form and face England next year. He has not only performed as a captain but has given stability to the team as a middle order batsman and therefore he needs to carry his play.
Rameez said Pakistan needs him though the conditions would differ in England and it would be difficult for the captain and Younus Khan to show the same performance as in UAE. He said the present England side is very different from the previous team which visited here in 2012. They have a good batting line but weak spinners if they want to show good performance in Asia and win matches they will have to bring in many good slow bowlers.

It may be noted that before the start of the recent England series Misbaul Haq had indicated about his retirement. On the other end the PCB chairman Shehryar Khan has requested him to delay his plans till the end of England’s tour.