‘Model Constitution will generate opportunities for players’ Nadeem Khan


Lahore: Nadeem Khan, Director High-Performance of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), said that the model constitution for cricket clubs will create opportunities for cricketers at the grass-root level. 

Speaking to reporters after PCB introduced remodeled constitution for cricket clubs and Club Affiliation and Operation Rules, Khan said that this a step forward in making cricket structure at grassroots, stronger.

“See, we are in the process to make things better at the club level. This new model constitution will surely create more opportunities for clubs, as well as for cricketers at grassroots,” he said.

According to the new constitution, the clubs will get affiliation in three categories i.e Affiliate Member Club, Associate Member Club, and Full Member Club. The criteria for getting affiliation follows:

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Affiliate Member Club: would have not less than three Voting members and not less than 18 (eighteen) Playing Members irrespective of their status as Voting or Non-Voting Playing Members

Associate Member Club: would have a validly adopted and executed a Club constitution; at least, 10 (ten) voting members; at least, 18 (eighteen) Playing Members, whether Voting or Non-Voting, of which, at least, 2 (two) are under the age of 18; have participated in all mandatory tournaments organised by the Association; have available for its players a net practice area of standard specifications where playable pitches, turf and/or cemented, are available; and has a qualified coach having minimum PCB Level-I certification

Full Member Club: would have at least 15 Voting Members; a dedicated cricket ground as per the grounds policy of the Board which is not used by any other Club; have dedicated multiple nets of specified standard; have available more than three turf pitches; have available a gymnasium for use by players during a dedicated period, and have active junior teams of Under-13 and Under-16 age groups

“Membership is open for everyone and we have made the process easier and transparent. There are no restrictions on playing cricket as this structure will provide ample opportunities to play the game,” he said.

Increased monthly salaries for Domestic players

Khan said that the cricket board has successfully introduced contracts in different categories to award players according to their performances and stature.

“PCB aimed to introduce categories at the domestic level to do justice with players, Last year, players got flat salary [PKR 50,000 each] which finished the difference between senior, juniors, and performers,” he said.

To a query about reducing daily allowances, Khan said that the new domestic season will see an increase in the number of matches. “I think an increase in the number of matches this time around will bridge this gap. Players are in benefit from all perspectives,” he said.

“T20 first XI tournament will be played on the double league basis,” he added upon being asked about how the number of matches will be increased.

It must be noted here that the PCB got approval for an increase in domestic contract retainers up to 46 percent. According to the new monthly retainer structure, the PCB will again offer 192 leading domestic players (32 from each of the six Cricket Associations) performance-based contracts, but instead of paying a flat monthly retainer of PKR50,000 to all players, this season slab-wise payments will be made.

The new monthly retainer structure is:

• Category A+ = 10 players, PKR 150,000 per month

• Category A = 38 players, PKR 85,000 per month

• Category B = 48 players, PKR 75,000 per month

• Category C = 72 players, PKR 65,000 per month

• Category D = 24 players, PKR 40,000 per month

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