‘Modi, his followers have destroyed India’s image in the world,’ Afridi


Pakistan’s former captain, Shahid Afridi attended the Kashmir Hour gathering at the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam in Karachi and said that India and Pakistan were in good relation before Narendra Modi came into the power.

Kashmir Hour was observed in all parts of Pakistan on the appeal of the Prime Minister Imran Khan. He appealed the whole nation to leave everything at 12 noon on Friday and come out on the roads for half-an-hour to express solidarity with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

Afridi, wearing Pakistan Army uniform, said that Pakistan does not want conflicts with India, the whole nation and the Premier of the country want to have peace, but there is no response from Modi’s government.

“Not all Indians, but you [Narendra Modi] and your followers have distorted the image India in the world,” he said while talking to media. “There are also educated people in India, who talk sense, listen to them.”

The veteran cricketer mentioned former Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said that the two neighbouring countries had friendly relations under his tenure.

“This era and time is not for war, we and our PM have tried to improve the ties between the two countries, but there is no response from you [Narendra Modi],” he said. “I believe the way you are treating women and children there [in Kashmir], Shahid Afridi and the whole nation will stand united with Pakistan Government and Pakistan Army [against the brutalities].”

“The cap and the shirt I am wearing, I am a soldier of this country and I will remain a soldier of this country,” he said while pointing towards his clothes.

He concluded his talk with a message for Pakistani nation to stay united and do not always wait for a tragedy to show unity.

“I have just one message for people of Pakistan, do not always wait for a tragedy, we should, government, opposition and everyone, stay united,” he said.

The valley has been under curfew since India removed Article 370 from their constitution that gave them the autonomous status. Innocent citizens have been suffering brutalities at the hands of Indian forces, while the life has come to a halt there.