Moin Khan apologizes to the nation over casino visit scandal


Pakistan chief selector Moin Khan has apologized to the nation over his casino visit scandal when the team was playing in important World Cup event.

“I never knew it that my visit to a casino would turn into a scandal. I want to apologize to the nation for it,” Moin Khan was quoted as saying by ARY news.

“I regret to have visited the casino. I never intended to hurt Pakistan cricket team fans’ sentiments,” added Moin, who has been asked by PCB to return as soon as possible.

“I never knew that I would have to face such consequences for visiting the casino,” he added.

After few excuses, Moin had confessed that he went to a casino before Pakistan’s World Cup match against West Indies.

Visiting a casino during an important World Cup campaign has been considered as a breach of PCB’s code of conduct and therefore he has been called back.

Moin had initially even denied that he visited the casino in spite of video evidence, which went viral on social media.

He later changed his stance and said that he went to a casino only on a tip that some players were there.

However, he eventually confessed that he did go to a casino only to eat and not to gamble as has been portrayed by the media. Moin has also apologized for his initial statement where he said that he went to a casino to check which players were there.