Moussa Lashari beat Burma Afridi to win Karachi Premier Football Cup 2020


Karachi: Moussa Lashari beat Burma Afridi by 2-1 to win the Karachi Premier Football Cup 2020, ARY Sports reported.  

Moussa Lashari started off the nail-biter with the first strike in the 23rd minute when their forward Kabir netted the ball by deceiving the opposing defenders. The lead put Moussa Lashari in the driving seat as they looked extremely comfortable-cum-hungry to score the next whereas Burma Afridi were continuously finding a way to score an equalizer.

The first half of the match finished with a score of 1-0 and both teams settled down and planned strategy for the last half of the contest.

The second half of the match saw immense striking from both sides and it made the encounter exciting for 15,000 people in attendance.

Zakir Lashari strengthened the lead of Moussa Lashari in the 59th Minute. With 2-0 lead, Lyari-hailed winning side was on the song. Later, in the 71st Minute, Burma Afridi scored a goal courtesy to Harris finishing in a sublime fashion followed by blazing dribbles into the area.

The final score 2-1 was in favor of Moussa Lashari and they lifted the glittering trophy and prize of cash Rs 50,000/-. The runners-up bagged the prize purse of Rs 25,000/-. Moussa Lashari also received the ‘Fair Play Award’ whereas Ali Khan Niazi named as the best player of the tournament.