Muhammad Hafeez opposes night- test and use of pink ball


Karachi: Pakistan’s all rounder Muhammad Hafeez is against experimenting the day-night test and use of pink ball. He says the actual beauty of test cricket lies in the white dress and the red ball. Hafeez is presently playing the day-night final of Quaid e Azam trophy in which pink ball is being used for the first time.

Recently Australia and New Zealand played the first day-night test match with a pink ball in the history of cricket. This year Pakistan cricket team will also be playing a day-night test with a pink ball on their visit to Australia. Hafeez in an interview to BBC said I have always been an appreciator of natural beauty and am a great fan of test cricket which is played in a white dress and a red ball. He said it’s my personal opinion that such experiments should not be avoided in test cricket rather its present format should be followed maintaining its original beauty.

He said everyone understands we are living in a commercial world but whatever experiment needs to be done should be in one-days and T20s without disturbing the test cricket. Hafeez doesn’t agree to the idea that spectators would take more interest watching long duration plays with the day-night test and use of pink ball. He said test cricket has its own dynamics, one of the examples of its traditional beauty could be felt during the Dubai test played between Pakistan and England last year where no one knew who would win till the last ball was played. Therefore in my opinion Test cricket format should remain as it is.

It’s been learnt that ICC is experimenting on day-night test match finding ways to stimulate spectators interest watching test cricket.

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