Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba knocks out India’s Rahul Raju in 56 Seconds


Karachi: Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba has knocked out India’s Rahul Raju in just 56 seconds in a lightweight match at One Championship Unbreakable III in Singapore.

Mujtaba has completed his promise as he had announced that he will dedicate the win to the people of Kashmir on their solidarity day.


Mujtaba was firm against Rahul aka ‘The Kerala Krusher’. He shocked the global fan base by knocking him out under the first minute of the fight.

Mujtaba ducked Raju’s overhand but countered with a punch, resulting Raju to fell instantly. Mujtaba was pumped and came up with another punch but the referee stepped in.


The win is Mujtaba’s third win on the global stage and it has also improved his overall record to 10-2.

Note, the fight between the two was on the cards for a long time but was getting delayed due to various reasons.

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