My statement regarding Ronaldo was twisted- Xavi


Former Barcelona player Xavi has said that his statement regarding Ronaldo was taken in the wrong manner and he never meant that Ronaldo was not intelligent as compared to Messi. Xavi left Barcelona in 2015 after playing a mammoth 505 appearances for FC Barcelona.

Xavi told AS that his statement was lost in translation and provided clarification on what he said.

“The translation of what I said was erroneous,” said Xavi

“I said that there are two types of speed in football. There is the physical side, and in this aspect Messi and Cristiano are at the same level.

“And then there is the speed at which you are able to connect with your teammates, and in this aspect Messi is of the highest level, whereas Cristiano is not.

“Cristiano does not seem like a player who excels at linking up with his teammates. He is not a passer of the ball and that is why Messi is the best in the world for me. He has both kinds of speed, both the physical one and the one that allows him to link up with his teammates.

“I never talked about intelligence and I never said Cristiano lacks intelligence.”

Messi’s Barcelona were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League by their Liga rivals Atletico Madrid where Messi failed to score while Ronaldo led from the front with a hat-trick to see his side through after having lost the first leg of the tie away from home to Wolfsburg.

Ronaldo and Messi have always triggered great debate as to who is a better player and this is another instance of such an occurrence with Xavi being the center of things.