Najam Sethi points out expected challenges for his successor

Najam Sethi PCB

As Najam Sethi resigned from the post of Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman on Monday, he pointed out the expected challenge for his likely successor Ehsan Mani and his team.

During a video message, Najam Sethi expressed his high hopes from the team that will take charge of cricket activities in the country.

“I want to thank the Board of Governors of PCB, my team in the board who worked hard diligently and efficiently, I am thankful how we have served Pakistan,” Najam Sethi stated.

“There will be a new team now and I am sure they will also perform well,” he added. “However, it is necessary that I guide them a bit about challenges they will face in future,” he added.

Najam Sethi mentioned bringing the lucrative league, Pakistan Super League in the country as the foremost challenge new management will have to deal with.

“The first challenge is to bring PSL to Pakistan, we have to prepare for 8 to 12 PSL matches [in Pakistan], it is our promise to the Pakistani nation,” he mentioned. “We have evaluated PSL’s assets including sponsorships, title rights, broadcasting rights and others with the help of foreign companies. It is necessary that the new team achieves those numbers and for that, 8 to 12 matches should be played in Pakistan,” he added.

Sethi also mentioned the completion of construction work at National Stadium Karachi before the fourth edition of PSL as one of the tasks the new management should concentrate on.

The former chairman also talked about eliminating corruption from cricket, especially PSL, otherwise, it would be disastrous for the brand.

“Our anti-corruption unit is working day and night to weed out corruption from cricket. It [corruption] is the biggest threat to PSL and we are leaving with a strong system in place, I hope the new team will give full attention to it, otherwise, a small stain will cause a lot of damage,” he added.

Pakistan have a busy schedule ahead with Asia Cup and some key home and away series coming up followed by the all-important World Cup next year. He hoped that there will be stability in the board and the team and the coaching staff will have complete support of the management.

“I hope there will be stability in the PCB, rather than uncertainty. I hope the team and coaches will get full support so that they can prepare themselves for the assignments with confidence and put impressive performance,” he said. “I wish my team the best of luck and my well-wishes will always be with my players.”

Najam Sethi thanked his team, franchises, government, law enforcement agencies and especially the nation for their support.