Najam Sethi will save Moin Khan at any cost: Sarfraz Nawaz


LAHORE: Former Pakistan pacer Sarfraz Nawaz believes that in spite chief selector Moin Khan has confessed that he did go to a casino, but Najam Sethi, a key Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official, will save him at any cost.

“Moin Khan is Najam Sethi’s man so Sethi will certainly shield him at any cost,” Sarfraz Nawaz told ary news.

After reports surfaced in the media that Moin Khan was spotted at a casino in Christchurch before Pakistan match against West Indies, Moin initially denied and so did the board.

But after his video at the casino went viral, Moin changed his stance and said that he only went there to search for team players, who he alleged were there. However, finally he has confessed that he did go to casino but to eat and not to gamble.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced that an investigation was underway and an action could be taken against Moin after full inquiry.

However, Sarfraz feels nothing will happen to the former Pakistan skipper as he belongs to Najam Sethi, Chairman PCB Executive Committee, camp.

“Sethi will not let anything happen to Moin and I don’t think any disciplinary action would be taken against him,” Sarfraz said.

Meanwhile, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Khalid Mahmood thinks that visiting casino was quite normal and legal in countries like New Zealand and blowing the issue was not the right thing to do at the moment.

Since the World Cup has started, Pakistan cricket team has been surrounded by controversies one after another.

First eight Pakistan players were fined for returning late from a bar.

Later, fielding Coach Grant Luden tendered his resignation after three players reportedly misbehaved with him. However, he was later convinced to take back his resignation.

There are also reports of players’ grouping against Misbah-ul-Haq.

Pakistan has lost both of its first two matches against traditional rival India and West Indies. Pakistan now needs to win all of its remaining matches to find a straight dash at the quarterfinals.



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