National cricketer Umar Akmal apologizes for his actions


Lahore: National cricketer Umar Akmal has apologized to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for his action during a fitness test at National Cricket Board (NCA), Lahore. 

According to the details, PCB conducted a fair investigation on alleged misconduct involving Akmal during a fitness Test. The cricket board called all the parties and investigated the matter completely.

After listening to all the involved people, PCB found it an incident that happened due to a misunderstanding. PCB, after Akmal apologized, closed the case and also reminded the cricketer of his responsibilities being a senior cricketer.

It must be noted here that Akmal was reportedly misbehaved with NCA coaches after failing a fitness Test. He went aggressive after being called unfit and asked the trainer “Show me the fat on my body”?

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