National T20 Cup featuring Pakistan’s top eight regions is underway

National T20 Cup

Pakistan’s eight regions will be in action as the National T20 Cup will start today in Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made it mandatory for all the centrally-contracted players to play in the national tournament instead of playing for their trade in the franchise-based event.

Karachi Whites, Faisalabad, Lahore Whites, Lahore Blues, Peshawar, FATA, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad will be participating in the league-format tournament, where each team will play seven matches.

Top four teams in the league will then qualify for the semi-finals.

Two matches will be played each day in the 16-day tournament with the first match scheduled to start at 12 pm while the second at 4 pm.

The tournament was earlier scheduled to be held in September in Multan and Faisalabad but due to the Independence Cup it was delayed and now it has been allocated to Rawalpindi following bad weather conditions due to smog in Faisalabad.


Nov 11: Karachi Whites vs Faisalabad (12:00noon); Lahore Whites vs Lahore Blues (4:00 pm).

Nov 12: Peshawar vs Fata (12:00noon); Rawalpindi vs Islamabad (4:00pm).

Nov 13: Lahore Blues vs Faisalabad (12:00noon); Karachi Whites vs Lahore Whites (4:00 pm).

Nov 14: Rawalpindi vs Peshawar (12:00noon); Islamabad vs Fata (4:00pm).

Nov 15: Lahore Whites vs Faisalabad (12:00noon); Karachi Whites vs Lahore Blues (4:00 pm).

Nov 16: Islamabad vs Peshawar (12:00noon); Rawalpindi vs Fata (4:00pm).

Nov 17: Lahore Whites vs Fata (12:00noon); Rawalpindi vs Karachi Whites (4:00 pm).

Nov 18: Lahore Blues vs Peshawar (12:00noon); Islamabad vs Faisalabad (4:00pm).

Nov 19: Rawalpindi vs Lahore (12:00noon); Karachi Whites vs Peshawar (4:00 pm).

Nov 20: Karachi Whites vs Islamabad (12:00noon); Lahore Blues vs Fata (4:00pm).

Nov 21: Lahore Whites vs Peshawar (12:00noon); Rawalpindi vs Faisalabad (4:00 pm).

Nov 22: Karachi Whites vs Fata (12:00noon); Islamabad vs Lahore Blues (4:00pm).

Nov 23: Rawalpindi vs Lahore Blues (12:00noon); Peshawar vs Faisalabad (4:00 pm).

Nov 24: Islamabad vs Lahore Whites (12:00noon); Faisalabad vs Fata (4:00pm).

Nov 25: First semi-final (12:00noon); Second semi-final (4:00pm).

Nov 26: Final (4:00pm).