‘We need to convert talent into product just like India’ Hafeez


Lahore: Veteran cricketer Mohammad Hafeez thinks that India takes an edge over Pakistan for converting their talent into the product which helps them bring results even in conditions like Australia.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Hafeez said the Pakistan cricket team plays with the talent whereas India converts their talent into a product and then sends them to international cricket.

“In international cricket, you need a complete product. India outclassed Australia even in the absence of their main players because they put their product on the forefront. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we don’t polish the talent to convert it into a product. That’s why we can’t compete like India in those conditions,” he marked.

He further said that India has a complete process through which their players come and show their skills at the international level. “They purify their talent and make them capable of playing international cricket. Here, we didn’t have cricket at grassroots properly for the last two years. How can we make players then?” he highlighted.

“We need to fill these gaps. Pakistan has immense talent, but there is a need to polish these cricketers to make them international products,” he concluded.

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