Neeraj Chopra asks Indian media to stop propaganda against Arshad Nadeem


Karachi: India’s Olympic Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra asked his country’s media to stop doing unnecessary propaganda against Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem over Javelins.

For the last few days, Indian media has started propagating against Arshad, alleging him of impairing Neeraj’s javelin during the final of the Tokyo Olympics.

Neeraj told one Indian publication about this where he was searching his javelin but Arshad was moving around with his javelin where he told him to give him as has to throw it.

Neeraj has requested everyone to please not use him and his comments as a medium to further your vested interests and propaganda.

“A propaganda has started after my interview where I said that I took Javelin from Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem,” he posted a video on his Twitter account.

“They have made quite a fuss out of it. We can take our personal javelin to the events and every other contestant can use it which is also a rule,” he added.

He expressed extreme disappointment after seeing some of the reactions from the public on his recent comments.

“I am hurt that they [media] are propagating it and using my name. Please don’t do this as sports teaches us to be together and united. I’m extremely disappointed to see some of the reactions from the public on my recent comments,” he added.

Remember, Arshad also responded to these allegations where he said Javelins were provided by the Olympic management for all the players.

“Actually, Javelins were provided by the Olympic committee. I was practicing with a Javelin and Neeraj came to me and said it was his Javelin so I gave him,” he shared.

“I am not sure whether that Javelin was provided to the management by India or not. Maybe it was his favorite and he wanted to throw with it. That’s why he came to me and ask for that Javelin,” he added.

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