New national anthem for sports under consideration by England


London: For the past two centuries whenever England players participate in International sports events they stand up to sing the same old national anthem which ends up with the sentence “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.”

In this way they pray for the long life of the Queen of England, but now its being considered to change the national anthem at least for sports events. Therefore the law makers called for a Public consultation to pick appropriate song after the House of Commons agreed to give this bill a second reading in March in which the national anthem containing ‘ God Save the Queen’ will remain as it is but for events where English players would face their competitors, a new national anthem would be composed.

The reason to bring about this change is that the Queen’s national anthem is for Britain which not only includes England but Scotland and Wales as well who have their own football and rugby teams, therefore for England sports events at least we should have a separate national anthem.

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