If New Zealand tour Pakistan, it would mean the world to Pakistanis: Mark Coles

Pakistan New Zealand Mark Coles

Pakistan women team’s coach, Mark Coles urged New Zealand to send their team to Pakistan and highlighted how important it would be for the cricket loving nation to see theirs and international stars in action.

Recently, New Zealand Cricket chief, David White revealed that they are considering the request made by Pakistan Cricket Board to play T20I in their country. However, he cleared that they will decide it after completing due diligence.

Pakistan is to host New Zealand later this year at their adopted home, UAE. PCB has asked New Zealand’s cricketing body to play a part of the series in their country, similar to how Sri Lanka played their last T20I of the series at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore last year.

Mark Coles, who is also from New Zealand, talked about the love for the game in people of Pakistan and how crucial Blackcaps’ tour to Pakistan would be for the cricket loving nation.

“They’re very passionate people. You have to understand, if New Zealand were to tour here it would mean the world to Pakistan, to the people. They would fill the stadiums four times over,” he told The Domino’s Post. “If New Zealand played 25 games here, they’d all be sell-outs. They’re cricket mad, but most of the kids here only ever get to watch cricket on television. It would mean the world to them to watch their team in person,” he added.

He further talked about the security he is given here and how safe he feels roaming in Pakistan.

“I don’t have any concerns for my safety here. To be honest with you, I feel safer here in this environment than I would on some streets in Auckland,” he told. “I have security with me if I go across the road to get a coffee. I’ve never felt threatened here. The Pakistani people are lovely people, and they absolutely love New Zealanders,” he added.

Coles believes if New Zealand, Australia or any other top team will visit Pakistan, it will pave way for the return of international cricket in the country.

“It would be great if New Zealand were to be brave and come over. It will take one of the top nations (New Zealand, Australia, England or South Africa) coming over here for the others to realise it is okay,” he said.