No athlete can now represent Pakistan without government’s permission: Fehmida


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC), Fehmida Mirza shared that the government is working to make strict sports policies. 

While talking in National Assembly’s Standing Committee meeting, Fehmida said no athlete will be allowed to participate in any international event without the government’s support in the future.

“We are moving towards making a strict sports policy in the country. In the past, the government had a very low interest in sports but now, Prime Minister Imran Khan is personally leading meetings on sports,” she said.

“Our priority will be to make people accountable in the federations. Athletes will not be allowed to represent Pakistan without the government’s permission,” she added.

Fehmida said the current sports policy is outdated, hence Pakistan has been failed to produce quality results at the international level.

“Our sports policy was updated last in 2005. Sports have changed a lot since then. We are analyzing sports policies around the world and trying to make a strong policy,” she shared.

“Provinces and the federal government will work together for the progress of sports in the country. We will invest together in sports,” the minister concluded.

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