No Immediate return for Accused Players


Chairman Pakistan cricket board Shehryar Khan rules out immediate possibility of including the names of three players Salman butt, M.Asif and M. Aamir in the cricket team who were involved and accused in spot fixing. He said they will have to play grade II cricket before playing first class cricket.

In an interview given to BBC, Shehryar said that this decision has been taken considering the shameful act of these players which has not only brought a bad name to the country but also disappointed the public at large. Therefore we have to see if the cricketers and the people are willing to accept them again.

Shehryar khan made it clear that it would not be possible to nominate them immediately for the national team as they were out of play for the past five years, rather in the first stage they must fulfill ICC’s anti corruption rules and regulations and then play grade 2 cricket to be eligible for first class cricket.

Shehryar khan ruled out the possibility of their immediate selection in the Pakistan team. Therefore it’s too early to comment at this stage what reservations the Pakistan team management or the team players carry.

It should be noted that the ban imposed by ICC on these players involved in spot fixing would end on 1st of Sept 2015.

Since Muhammad Aamir had accepted the charges placed against him at an early stage and had co-operated with the ICC’s restoration program, he was allowed to play grade 2 cricket in January and eventually would be playing T20 national cricket tournament next month representing Rawalpindi.

Due to delay on the part of M.Asif and Salman Butt in accepting the allegations they will now have to participate in the rehabilitation program even after the ban is over and will have to accept their mistakes in public and deliver lectures in all the provinces to young cricketers.