No Player auction in Pakistan Super League

Shukriya Pakistan

Players instead of being auctioned in the PSL would  follow the American football league pattern.

According to details, PCB has started contacting foreign players for its super league, first edition to play will be announced in February next year. Some players have shown their consent for which an agreement has already been dispatched; it is expected to include 25 international players for the event. Matters are in the initial stage and the list of available players is yet to be finalized, after which the next step will be to contact 5 investors and see how much they can succeed at attracting players to be a part of their team.

As opposed to The Indian Premier league, players will not be auctioned, instead the “Draft System” introduced in 1936 by the American Football league will be adopted. Cricketers will be divided into 5 categories PLATINUM, DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER and EMERGING, this will be decided through a draw and only a specific number of players will be allowed on each team. The plan is to keep an unbiased distribution of star cricketers, help create a balance and control overall expense.

Rumor has it that the total expense of players and coaching staff during the first edition will not exceed a budget of one million dollars. There is also news that investors have been offered broadcasting and sponsorship rights, they’ll be shareholders in the sales of shirts and tickets.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity for young Pakistani players to play along international giants of the cricket world, allowing them to earn 15 to 20 thousand dollars for  the 21 day event.

Taking notes from history, Sri lankan and Bangladesh premier leagues failed due to their weak administration, and this is the kind of history the PCB does not intend on repeating.   PCB’s executive committee head Najam Sethi and experienced banker Salman Sarwar Butt will head this project. This will be no less than a battle, International cricket on foreign ground, an event this big,  for the very first time!