‘Nobody can buy me’ Razzaq reveals fixing offers details


KARACHI: Former Test all-rounder Abdul Razzaq disclosed that he was offered 50 crores by Indian bookies in 1999. 

While talking exclusively about fixing offers made to him in ARY News’ program ‘Bouncer‘, Razzaq said Indian bookies wanted him to join them for a long run.

“Indian bookies offered me to join them for 50 crores. The offer was made in India,” the cricketer shared. “See, at that time, no rule was defined whether to report such offers. But, yes I warned them to not approach me again otherwise I would report them,” he maintained.

Razzaq said he belongs to a family where honesty is a lesson on priority. “I belong to a family where children are taught honesty. We have always learned to earn and eat Halal. So, nobody can buy me,” he mentioned.

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