‘Nobody wants to see Test cricket, it shall be discontinued’ – Aaqib Javed

'Nobody wants to see Test cricket, it shall be discontinued' - Aaqib Javed

Former Pakistani fast bowler and coach Aaqib Javed said while talking to media that Test cricket has no future and advised the cricket body to discontinue it.

During a media talk in Lahore, Javed said no one wants to watch the longest format of the game.

“Nobody watches Test cricket except 22 players who are playing in the ground and the coaching staff,” he said.

He predicted that other than a handful of Test playing nations, no one will be interested in the purest form of cricket, especially a country like Pakistan, who are not playing at their home.

“Other than 2 or 3 teams, I don’t see future of Test Cricket especially for countries like Pakistan who don’t even play at their home grounds” he added.

The key member of Pakistan’s World Cup winning squad also suggested that Test cricket should be taken out from FTP.

He further suggested that the teams who want to play Test cricket should decide mutually and play bilateral series.