Nominees walk out due to mismanagement at the first Pakistan Sports Awards

Pakistan Sports Awards

Renowned sports journalists who were nominated for the Sports Journalist of the Year award walked out of the inaugural edition of Pakistan Sports Awards due to horrible mismanagement at the event.

Nominees, guests and media-persons had to suffer due to the VVIP movement at the Governor House Sindh in Karachi, which was the venue for the first Pakistan Sports Awards.

Sports personalities, journalists and other guests along with their families had to wait for hours before they were allowed to get in the venue due to the inefficient management, who did not provide complete list of attendants to the security personnels beforehand.

Rasheed Shakoor, a well-known name in Pakistan’s sports fraternity, won the award for the Sports Journalist of the Year, but he was not present at the event as he was denied entry at the venue and he preferred respect over the award.

On the other hand, Shahid Hashmi, a household name in Pakistan’s media when it comes to sports reporting, was a member of jury, but he also suffered a similar fate. He called it an ‘insult’ to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of Naya Pakistan.

Faizan Lakhani was another nominee for the Sports Journalist of the Year award, who waited long outside the Gate no.1 of Governor House, but eventually decided to leave.

He retweeted Shahid Hashmi’s tweet and also revealed that the families of political and VVIP figures were seated at the event, but the respected nominees had to stand throughout the ceremony.

There were athletes, male and female both, wearing the honourable blazer of Pakistan looking towards security personnels to let them enter the venue so that they receive the respect they richly deserve.