‘We do not discuss sports at all,’ tells Sania Mirza

‘We do not discuss sports at all,’ tells Sania Mirza
Sania Mirza with Shoaib Malik.
Shukriya Pakistan

DUBAI: International tennis star and Shoaib Malik’s better half, Sania Mirza said in an exclusive interview with ARY News that she and her husband do not discuss sports at all at home.

The woman, who is in top form for the last year or so, came to see Shoaib Malik and Karachi Kings play their first game of PSL 2017 in Dubai.

Sania Mirza brushed off the common perception that they both might advise each other for their respective games.

“We actually do not discuss sports at all,” said Sania Mirza. “Everyone believes that we only talk about either cricket or tennis, however, it is not the case.”

“In fact, we try to avoid it because it is like bringing work home. We understand each other’s game, their pressure, their highs and lows but beside that we do not talk sports.”

On another question regarding how do they keep track of each other’s performance as they both are extremely busy.

“Internet has made things easy, before it gets to anywhere else, it starts trending on social media, we always try to stay updated, however time difference makes it tough sometime,” she replied.

“Apart from that, I have always loved cricket, even before marrying him (Shoaib Malik) but yes now I have developed a personal interest in it,” she added.

The 30-year old further told her secret behind her success in doubles that she gets along with her partners really well and her off the court friendship transforms into her performance in court.

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