‘Not our responsibility to provide facilities in Sindh Games’ – Sports Minister Sindh

'Not our responsibility to provide facilities in Sindh Games' - Sports Minister Sindh

Sindh Sports Minister Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar claimed that Sindh Government is not responsible for the mismanagement in ongoing Sindh Games in Karachi.

While talking to ARY, he put the blame on Federal Government saying, “Federal Government is responsible to provide all the facilities, we put all the efforts to organise Sindh Games after a long time”.

Despite the budget of Rs. 45 million, athletes and officials are suffering from disaster situations during the games as one of the athletes got badly injured attempting a backflip, landed on his head which hit the ground.

No water arrangements have been made for the athletes whereas the accommodation of athletes has also become a question mark.

The sports minister, however, ensure to take further actions in the ongoing situations. He also said that National Coaching Centre (NCC) is our asset and it should come under the Provincial Government.

The 17th Sindh Games, featuring 3001 players and officials were formally inaugurated yesterday in Karachi.