NSK’s scoreboard awaits authorities’ attention

NSK’s scoreboard awaits authorities' attention
National Stadium Karachi's rusted scoreboard.
Shukriya Pakistan

Scoreboard of National Stadium Karachi needs maintenance as it is all rusted and is in a horrible condition, but still bears the scores in domestic matches.

The steel-made scoreboard gets painted during big domestic tournaments, but other than that its condition is completely overlooked.


NSK has not hosted a single international game since 2009, where Sri Lanka a couple of ODIs and a Test match before getting attacked by the terrorists in Lahore, which left Pakistan’s stadiums abandoned.


Scoreboard plays an important role in the game of cricket, its damaged condition is surely a point of concern and evidence of authorities’ ignorance towards basic facilities of cricket

The scoring card, which has been bearing scores of teams during domestic and international games for the past fifteen years, is looking for authorities’ attention who can repair it.


Repair work of National Stadium Karachi is soon to be kicked off, hopefully the concerned people will give some attention to the unattended scoreboard of NSK.